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Beyond the Threshold was a big fucking prank conceived sometime in the winter of 1994/1995 with the help of some half-frozen Killian's, a typewriter and some crappy band playing at Ralph's corner. With the help of the two jerks from Carothers Brothers, goXfargoXgo, Beyond the Threshold and the whole joke began. That first night, goofy straight-edge notes were typed up, doused and beer and frozen to the cars of Fargo scenesters outside of Ralph's. Goofier fliers followed with plans of having super-secret basement straight-edge shows and bringing Earth Crisis to town along with goXfargoXgo's house band, Beyond the Threshold (which, oddly enough, is a Husker Du song). Some people understood the joke and the fellas had all but given up on it until the Peasant Boy "outed" us in his silly zine. Unfortunately, at that point, the joke had been over for quite some time. Go figure.

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The idea for a sXe band is credited to Cory Docken and Brent Jensen, the former expressed, albeit briefly, a desire to assemble a three piece and play with ski masks, somewhere. I am guilty of running with the joke. My Struggle was the original name, which I believe Cory suggested, though given the obvious parallels to Hitler, we thought better.

Re: the secret fm sXe society: The original fliers were meant to be a joke on a few friends who were of legal age and failed to buy beer for us that night as they were at Ralphs drinking, and on that night, Ralphs was not letting in minors. Someone thought it funny, and so it began with the intention of seeing how over the top and ridiculous one could be and still believed. This was easy because the scene was starting to become a parody of itself (and by scene I mean however one defined punk rock in the mid 90's, not exactly Fargo, though I assume one could make an argument), which is easy to note 10 years after the fact.


  • XHelmutX Jensen (bass, growls)
  • XVeganX Anderson (guitar, growls)
  • XRockNX Docken (guitar, growls)
  • XCrisisX Jensen (drums)


goXfargoXgo getting written up in ChickenX and other zines. Beyond the Threshold had no highlights, because "living this lifestyle isn't about that kind of stuff. It's about pain!" Instead, please enjoy some of the song titles:

  • Guilty of Being White
  • Filler
  • Out of Step
  • Blackballed
  • Private Stock
  • Thanks for the pizza, sarah
  • You a Cop
  • Makeout Mountain



A bunch of super-secret basement shows that you weren't invited to.


Thankfully none.

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