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Unlike what many people think, Creatine is really a natural element thats produced by our bodies. Some of the areas that naturally produce Creatine include the the liver, kidneys, and the pancreas. Apart from these, our bodies can also get Creatine from our diet, which include fish and meat. The Creatine in our human body is generally located in our muscles. As to its function, Creatine has been proven to be crucial in helping our bodies do short-term, repetitive, and high-intensity exercises. This implies that Creatine enables our muscles to sustain prolonged and repeated contractions and additionally, it enables our muscles to recover quickly from fatigue, as it discourages the formation of lactic acid brought on by carbohydrate utilization, which causes muscle fatigue and soreness.As a consequence, Creatine supplements have already been developed to allow our bodies to store greater levels of Creatine, which enables us to exercise more with less fatigue and faster recovery times. That is especially true for athletes and bodybuilders who would like to workout longer to obtain optimal results such as increased muscle mass and better athletic performance.