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Like many services, astraweb 11 supplies a long retention time on posts. This means that, if youre associated with a heated debate on some of the thousands of Usenet news groups, if youre gone for a few days youll not miss out on any chances to engage the conversation. Retention time is one of the most essential functions on a newsgroup precisely since it addresses among the most valuable options that come with these services. The data from astraweb 11 is what drives this service and maintaining that information open to consumers is a strong selling point. Usenet services also survive based on speed. This process has become one of the most popular for changing large files, including music, video and pictures. Due to this, Usenet machines which have low speeds are rather just like a sports car without tires. The high speed, however, is only useful if you are allowed a lot of down load bandwidth. The Usenet companies out there oftentimes offer different plans for several types of customers. Astraweb 11$ has these plans available. People may select from packages which are speed-limited-ideal for casual users-or unrestricted, high-speed downloads, suited to those who acquire daily.