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Often falling under the nondescript "cowpunk" banner, Anchorhead is really a traditonal country and western band that covers the occasional Pixies song. Sounds similar to Uncle Tupelo, a comparison Todd dislikes.



  • Anchorhead travelled to Fargo and played the legendary Ralphs Corner Bar around 5 times.
  • Recorded 'Love and the Color Blue' with Tom Herbers at 3rd Ear (near the U) and 'Disaster' with Rich Mattson at Flower Pot (NE Mpls).
  • Currently, recording album number three in Nick Holz's basement.


  • Played their first show at Big V's in St. Paul as the High and Mightys.
  • Andrew and Bridget Charon's Wedding. June 4th, 2005.


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