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Punk rock from Fergus Falls, MN. Ryan and Monty came up with the name while bored in high school. Anatrek = Anarchy + Star Trek, two things we thought were stupid. We combined the two symbols, added "monkey" (not sure why) and called it a band. We later stole clip art from a first aid booklet and made the infamous "Anatrek Monkey Burns" stickers which found themselves all over Fargo and Fargo people. godheadSilo had cheesy "godheadSilo hurts" stickers back then, so we decided to mock them with our own.

In 1993 we actually started playing together as a band (what a concept!), switching guitar players and practice spaces until we hit the final lineup.



  • Booked the very first "punk rock" shows at the old Kaddatz Hotel in Fergus Falls. Kids are still following in our footsteps today.
  • Shared a stage with Jesus, though it was the band, not the bearded guy, so no water was turned into wine that night.
  • Came close to playing Cornstock after submitting a tape that featured dialogue from a Brady Bunch episode and a very crude bootleg of a Steel Pole Bathtub show.


May 1994 - Kaddatz Hotel, Fergus Falls, MN with Orange 17, Haul and Grammahead (FF).

August 1994 - Teen Center, Fergus Falls, MN with Jesus (Minot) and My Dad the Rent-a-cop (FF)


We have videos of the shows at the Kaddatz and the Teen Center and some really bad four-track recordings of a song or two, but that's about it.

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