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Punk rock from Fergus Falls, MN. Ryan and Monty came up with the name while bored in high school. Anatrek = Anarchy + Star Trek, two things we thought were stupid. We combined the two symbols, added "monkey" (not sure why) and called it a band.

In 1993 we actually started playing together as a band (what a concept!), switching guitar players and practice spaces until we hit the final lineup.



  • Booked the very first "punk rock" shows at the old Kaddatz Hotel in Fergus Falls.
  • Came close to playing Cornstock after submitting a tape that featured dialogue from a Brady Bunch episode and a very crude bootleg of a Steel Pole Bathtub show.


May 1994 - Kaddatz Hotel, Fergus Falls, MN with Orange 17, Haul and Grammahead (FF).

August 1994 - Teen Center, Fergus Falls, MN with Jesus (Minot) and My Dad the Rent-a-cop (FF)


We have videos of the shows at the Kaddatz and the Teen Center and some really bad four-track recordings of a song or two, but that's about it.

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