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The debut of SEM Business Blueprint generated a lot of buzz and hype due to the previous successes of the product's creators, Steven Clayton and Tim Godfrey. After all, Niche blueprint and Commission Blueprint were both top selling Click Bank products, leading some to speculate that the success of SEM Business Blueprint was at least partially due to its predecessors' reputations for excellence. In this review of SEM Business Blueprint, I'll examine the new product and consider the question of its merit. Let's first describe what SEM Business Blueprint is.

The acronym SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. The SEM Business Blueprint documents a proven system for creating and operating a business that services the internet marketing needs of brick and mortar businesses like Landscapers, Hairdressers, Accountants, and more.

Though there have been other treatises on the subject, SEM Business Blueprint is the first guide of its kind to really make an impact on the world of internet marketing. In fact, it is the first comprehensive guide to take you through every step of the process needed to establish a business that creates and manages PPC and SEO campaigns for Main Street businesses.

Each of the separate modules in the course consists of a series of videos with pdf notes supporting the material. The first modules begin with Steven Clayton detailing why the need for such a business exists, and then proceed to Steven's demonstrations of how to set up a company for PPC and SEO management services.

Every detail is presented with crystal clarity, from setting up new client campaigns to locating clients and pitching the presentation to them. Steven Clayton even includes the same spreadsheets, formulas, and business plans that he uses. He then goes on to reveal exactly why these clients are willing to pay high fees for these services month after month.

Buying the course gets you access to Steven's own website template - the one he used to set up his "Worth Overdoing Marketing" consulting company. There are two templates included, worth over $2000. Steven even supplies you with the same PowerPoint presentation he gives to potential customers.

The reason this business can be so successful has to do with the fact that each customer pays a monthly fee for the service. Just charging an average monthly fee of $700 plus setup fees can see you earning as much as $50,000 a year with as few as 5 customers. Many businesses like this require large markets to be successful, but SEM Business Blueprint can help you achieve this kind of success in towns and cities with populations ranging from 15,000 to 5 million and more.

Prior internet marketing know-how can be useful, but it is by no means necessary, since SEM Business Blueprint teaches you everything you need to be successful. This is truly a comprehensive blueprint for a successful business.

SEM Business Blueprint is nothing less than a high-octane business plan that can enable you to realize success in the shortest of time frames. Its advantage rests in part with the freshness of its ideas. Based on my own personal experience, this is easily Steven and Tim's best offering yet. There is nothing left to the imagination with this high quality production!