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Numis Network Critique - 6 Keys to the Perfect Opportunity Have you ever heard of the commerce consultant Peter Drucker? This famous commerce expert developed the 6 key characteristics to the perfect commerce opportunity. Although he died in 2005, he is still widely considered an expert of our time. The reason why I bring this up is because in order to give a thorough Numis Network critique, I am going to use his 6 key characteristics to dissertation Numis Network. Drucker's 6 Key Characteristics were: 1. Company 2. Product 3. The System 4. Trends 5. Compensation 6. Timing In this Numis Network critique I am going to go through each characteristic, and how Numis Network fits into them all. If you found this Numis Network assessment helpful in any way, please let me know and leave a comment below. Characteristic #1: Company Peter Drucker had a parameter for joining the right company. He says that you should look to be involved in a comany after it has reached it's 2 year mark. That makes complete sense, because statistically speaking a 9 out of 10 commercees fail in their first two years. At the time of write this Numis Network assessment, Numis is about 3.5 years old, it definitely passes this characteristic. Numis Network Dissertation - Product Numis Network's product is Silver and Gold numismatic coins. Unlike most other company's, you don't need to try it or taste it, and it works 100% of the time. In fact gold and silver is internationally known as valuable. Numis Network doesn't just deal in gold and silver though. These are Numismatic coins. Which means they are government issued, and graded by company's that guarantee their quality and condition. Unlike raw silver/gold coins, they are valued based on their precious metal content and their Numismatic value. It is sort of like how a new car is more valuable then an used, beat up car. The better the condition, the more it is worth. Peter Drucker suggests that the product be consumable. Although many people don't see Numismatics as a consumable, that isn't actually true. I mean, sure you can't drink it or eat it, but people buy it, and don't mind having a whole bunch of it. In fact, with most other products in the Network Marketing industry there is a limit to the amount you would want to own. But with our product, we've actually had customers who have purchased in excess of $100,000 retail of our product, all at once. In fact so far, the record was set by a financial planner in Numis. He sold over $250,000 of our product in his first 45 days. Numis Network paid him a handsome 18.6% commission. You simply don't see that in other types of mlm company. The bottom line is, Numis Network's product is the BEST product to have, with its unlimited upside potential in sales. Numis Network Assessment - System Definitely one of the greatest advantages of a network marketing franchise is the system that you can tap into. Numis Network has an amazing infrastructure that includes marketing supplies, and marketing campaigns that aren't available in other companies. Partly the reason why Network Marketing works for so many people is because of its simplicity. In order to make this commerce work, all you have to do as a marketer is three things; point, guide, and direct people to our professional sales videos. Numis Network's founders are also the owners of the software company known as IDSTC. IDSTC makes the marketing systems, back offices, and compensation plans for over 400 network marketing companies. Because of this, Numis Network business owners get the best marketing system available. Numis Network Dissertation - Trends Do you remember back in 10 years ago when people were talking about how internet and tv were going to merge? Well today you have company's like Youtube, Hulu, and Netflix that are bringing entertainment right to your laptop. However there is currently a gaping hole in this trend that nobody has tried to capitalize on. That hole is infomercials. Infomercials are a proven formula for selling products. Numis Network is a first mover in capitalizing in what we call the netfomercial. Numis partnered up with Mike Mezack, the guy who has sold over $1 billion in Numismatics on HSN, and created the very first netfomercial that sells the products for you. This netfomercial is all part of the system Numis Network reps get.

Numis Network Dissertation - Compensation Plan

Network Marketing in general has revolutionized the way people are compensated. If you produce you are paid what you are worth, too the penny. This can't be said for other professions, such as employees. The founders of Numis Network, as the founders of IDSTC have actually created the compensation plans for over 400 network marketing companies. They've seen them all, and when it came to creating the compensation plan for Numis Network, they obviously decided to pick the most powerful compensation plan they have ever seen. I am not going to go into detail about the compensation plan here, but you can if you would like to take a look.

Numis Network Dissertation - Timing

The final thing to consider among Peter Druckers charactertistics of the perfect business opportunity is timing. A company might have all these other characteristics, but this one is crucial. As they say, time is money, and Peter Drucker says that the company should be less than $50 million in annual revenue when you invest in it. The reason why this is important is because you don't want the company to be too far developed that there is no more money to be made from the market share. You gotta invest in the company at the right time, when it is small. At the time of writing this Numis Network review, it's about $10 million in annual revenue, so it falls within Peter Drucker's parameters for the perfect opportunity. Thanks for reading my Numis Network Assessment I hope you enjoyed my Numis Network Dissertation as much as I did. I've fallen in love with this company it is centered around family. It is about inspiring people to create wealth, collect wealth, and preserve wealth. Numis Network is about creating a legacy for families. This Numis Network critique is up-to-date as of 11/16/2012, so if you are reading this into the future I encourage you to give me a call so I can bring you up to date on the Numis Network assessment.

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