7 Tips for Finding the Right Candidate for Your Next Job Openings

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Responding to their a job vacancy can feel like a very daunting customer if you've never ever done it previously. The whole process can be made simple if you break it down into controlled pieces and consider the following recommendations when finding a prospect for your next job vacancy.

1. Be clear about the job vacancy Previously you beginning, it's useful to make a list of what the job requires and the tasks that the prospect will be required to do in their role. Once you've done this you can refine it and change it but you should be left with a crystal clear and concise job description going front.

2. Use a specialist recruitment agency If the vacancy is in a specialized niche or field, such as social care for example then you may find that it's best to get some professional help and go to a social work recruitment agency or perhaps talk to a consultant about your needs. You could save a lot of time and money this way.

3. Short-list your candidates Today's tough economic situation means that jobs are in high marketplace demand so you're likely to get many more applications for a vacancy than you may expect. Be strict and read each one carefully, ensuring that you only put forward for interview those candidates who are qualified to do the job.

4. Plan your interview questions carefully As soon as you have your shortlist of candidates, you need to put together a list of queries that will encourage the kind of answers you want to hear. It's fundamental to be prepared. Whilst it is important to be completely ready in the interview, you should also expect to ask new questions depending on where the interview takes you.

5. Don't settle for second best If you have been via the interview process and whittled the applicants down but are still unable to make a choice then don't be afraid to arrange a second interview procedure. If however, you do not think that you have found the right candidate then don't settle for second best. Simply go back to the agency and speak to them again.

6. Refine your candidate requirements If you did find that the first batch of candidates were not up to standard then it may be worth talking through the criteria with the recruitment agency again and being more specific about the role and the type of person you are looking for.

7. Take into consideration how the prospect will fit in to your working environment Even when finding the candidate who can fill the job vacancy is simple enough on paper, the interview process will give you more of an insight into their temperament and from your careful questions and the answers given you should be able to work out whether the candidate would fit in well with your organisation and the team within which they would be placed.

The tips outlined above should give you more of an idea about where to start in your search for the right candidate for your next job vacancy, making the method less challenging and more achievable.