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Recently, a total investment of 200 million yuan Hubei Yidu Honghuatao, the town an annual output of 24 million capacitive resistive touch screen glass cover projects in Shenzhen, Dongguan De Xin Electronics Co., Ltd. signed. The landing the success of the project, is settled in the town's industrial park Yongxin Seiko Co., Ltd., general manager Wang Wanyong "matchmaker" When.

     Wang Wanyong of Yidu Honghuatao town, to Shenzhen after graduating from high school career, has founded a number of companies. The end of 2008, returned to his hometown, founded Yongxin Seiko Co., Ltd. invested 35 million yuan.

PCB (printed circuit board) is most active industrial the contemporary electronic component industry, while the production of micro-tungsten steel drill Yongxin PCB factory industry supplies. Annual output of 24,000,000 capacitive resistive touch screen glass cover project PENG Qun Chi, major shareholders, is also an Yichang, Wang Wanyong matchmaking, field trips several times with Fujian boss Lin wins full Honghuatao town, the final decision in Yidu joint venture group wins photoelectric Co., Ltd.. Currently, Wang Wanyong have to use him in the industry a good network of resources to help introduce Billiton Chi photoelectric, Hua Shangguang electrical and group wins, optoelectronics, three PCB project from pcb manufacturers Honghuatao Town, settled.

Taiwan PSA is the world's largest pcb manufacturer, settled Phoenix Lake Industrial Park in Yongchuan District on March 29 last year, to build its Western production base project. The project covers an area of 959 acres, plans to invest 800 million U.S. dollars, mainly produces PCB board, passive components, inductance and resistance, the annual output value will reach 20 billion Yuan.

According to industry sources, the new production lines of several China Taiwan PCB manufacturers will be run at the end of 2012 or the first half of 2013, in China and Thailand. Digitimes reports, global brand manufacturing (GBM), sets up a new plant in Chongqing, China, plans to start mass production at the end of this month or in December. The company also plans to increase the plant's production capacity of 1.2 million square feet in 2013.

According to the introduction, the global famous enterprises of circuit boards and electronic assembly industry will bring the latest products and technology to debut in Shenzhen. The new "environmental clean zone" will showcase the latest environment protection technology, equipment, raw materials and services. During the exhibition, many activities such as: the international technical exchange, the industry exchange and manual welding competitions will be held. all the audience may participate in a series of exciting activities: fortune wheel and iPad draw.

"Nanny" service to the town's effort to build a pro-business, security, easing the service environment, supporting infrastructure for enterprises, enterprise and employment, preferential policies, procedures, and the formation of a strong magnetic field effect. This year, the town has introduced a soil the old foolish Biotechnology Park, force and energy liquefied gas 4 billion project. Currently, the town a total of 17 projects under construction, of which six have been officially put into operation.

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