3 Important Ideas About Search Marketing and Social Signals

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The short period after the Google Penguin update in 2012 put the online business world on its head. Most people were afraid of what it might actually mean for them. Part and parcel with this latest update concerns the extreme importance of social signals. This mainly has to do with SEO but it is really important to the amount of traffic you attract to your website. Trying to ignore this development can only be detrimental to the success of your business. Sure it is trendy but that doesn't mean it is going to fade any time soon. Here are some accurate guidelines for using social signals for SEO or general applications.

Looking into social signals requires looking into social channels too. It's a really new form of consideration in terms of both optimizing and for searching. You can't ignore it--you might want to but it's only going to continue becoming a thing that will be so big you won't be allowed to ignore it. The channels you use all relate to each other, which means, that they each have at least a small effect on each other. It is important to take this to heart and see what you can do to quantify that effect. A good example of this is implementing Facebook and Twitter into your marketing. Lots of different businesses use Twitter to improve their Facebook business page numbers. You need to figure out how to do that and if you aren't doing it, then you need to track how well your current methods are working. If you have business accounts at social sites, then how much are you posting to them? It is important to be as consistent as possible with your posting so that you don't lose your audience. One thing about Facebook is that if you ignore your audience they'll assume you are no longer around or interested. You are going to fall out of their memories and they will stop coming to your page. If you don't want to see this happen to you, consistent communication is the key. This doesn't have to be time consuming--even spending fifteen minutes a day on it can get the job done.

Do not forget that you can even use SEO to improve your Facebook page's ranking which can help in other areas of search marketing as well. You shouldn't create any content that looks spammy. It shouldn't surprise you that Facebook people are hip to this, since they're in the Google SERPS. Along these lines, you'll need to track and measure your search results for your social content or pages. Twitter and Google don't seem to have the good relationship they used to have. Real time Twitter results have been missing from the SERPs for quite some time. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to use Facebook within your SEO. Nobody talked about social signals at this time last year. But people were quick to figure out that social media marketing and search engine optimization are very much intertwined. The fabric that binds them has become tighter, and now you must leverage social signals for ranking and traffic.

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