Wicked Darling

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A group that played a mixture of punk and death rock (not to be confused with death metal, "death rock" in the vein of groups like 45 Grave and the ilk), that was active from 2005 to about 2008, when the group broke up due to creative differences. Wicked Darling was one of the first groups in Bismarck to employ video-projected visuals (such as from classic horror films and such) as part of their stage presence.


Past members:


  • a few in Bismarck at Buckstop Junction
  • several in Mandan at Joker's
  • one show in Lincoln at DJ's (opening for The Bismarck)
  • at a bar in Minot
  • in Fargo at The Nestor
  • a festival in Wibaux, Montana
  • a Battle of the Bands competition in Jamestown in 2006, where the group won 1st place.


  • "Pretty Nightmares", self-released, LP, 2005

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