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Mark was given to throwing handfuls of Gummy Bears into the audience while performing the song "Gyrating Gummy Bears".

Lots of kids dug Party Skull.

Aaron was often angry.

An audio cassette exists. The sound quality is absolutely horrible.

Metalheads don't like alternatives. They wreck their amps.


Troy Greer was not in the band.



Turbo Cow - Psychopsychoticsuperultrahardcorefunkadelia - 1992 Turbo Cow/Party Skull Productions Track Listing: 1. Red Rooster 2. Supernatural Cheese 3. Break 4. Pretty Green Troll Lady 5. Underwater 6. Gyrating Gummi Bears 7. Dark Expansion 8. Purity Over Rot 9. Strawberry Cola 10. Vomit Shack 11. I'm Leaving You 12. Slap The Grape 13. Elf Meat (Cut Off) 14. Right On 15. Tube 16. Mysterious Pain

Tracks 12 and 14 recorded in Paul Hvidsten's basement. All other tracks recorded live at Exit 99.

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