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Thunder Chicken was born in the summer of 1990. Bruce Wuollet, (who had previously been a guitarist in the band Orange Pirates, later called Nobody's Children), had convinced his good friend Kevin Habberstad to buy an electric bass from the Sears catalog. Kevin bought the bass and taught himself to play.

At the beginning of the summer, Lyle had bought his first drumset, a blue-flake mix of Slingerland and Ludwig brand drums. He too taught himself how to play. Hearing of this, Kevin and Bruce had asked their friend Lyle to join them. The experienced guitarist and the two self-starters practiced frequently in the basement of Bruce's mother's house. They played many cover songs from bands like Green Day, The Pixies, All, Danzig, The Misfits, and Nirvana. During this summer they also began to write their own songs.

Tragedy struck the band at the end of the summer. Bruce was moving to Shakopee, MN to live with his father. Despite the distance of their guitarist, Thunder Chicken managed to stay together. They practiced and played shows whenever Bruce came home to visit his mother and in the summers when Bruce stayed in Minot. During the summer of 1992 they recorded their one and only self-titled album. It was produced by Steph Gylden at the recording studio at Minot State University.

The distribution of their cassette was rather disappointing. Though all 300 copies of their tape sold, Thunder Chicken had failed to capitalize on the burgeoning punk and alternative scene in Minot. Succumbing to geographical distance and in-fighting, Thunder Chicken disbanded in the summer of 1993.

Not to be confused with Thunder Chicken.


  • Lucas Sult (added to the lineup as a bassist for shows during some absences of Bruce, while Kevin would play guitar)


  • One afternoon after practicing, Kevin and Bruce were watching monster-trucks. Very impressed with the monster-truck known as Thunder Chicken, they decided to name themselves after it, honoring the vehicle's car crushing abilities.
  • Mike Hamley was asked from the beginning to be in Thunder Chicken, and accepted. He even posed for the band's very first pictures. For unknown reasons however, he never practiced, and hence decided not to join.



  • "Thunder Chicken" seven song cassette, 1992 Greasy Cookie Records.

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