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Mark Shroeder was a piano player who hung out with the December Children's boys and, despite being of the same age, was considered the wise old musician.

If you never had the pleasure of hearing Mark sit down on the piano in the back room of Ralph's you missed an important part of Fargo/Moorhead music history. Mark had Tom Waits looks along with his voice and charisma.

Spooky chunks was his band and I wish I could remember the names of all the guys in it. They were all a bit older and much better musicians than the boys in December's Children with the exception of Paul Erickson. Mark also often went by the moniker of Spooky. Another pleasure that only a few people ever had a chance to see was Mark coming out from behind his Wurlitzer as the band played behind him and treating his audience to his patented Spooky Chunk's jig. There was never a cooler cat than Spooky. (Andy Bahn)




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