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A heavy metal & hard rock cover band who began under the moniker "white & black attack", and then later was called "revelation".

Notable cover songs included "And Justice for All" & "Holy Wars...the punishment due".

They wrote one original song entitled, "The final judgment".

Their entire set consisted of cover songs and usually ran over an hour, often with a 30 minute intermission.

Their sets also included a solo performance of each member.

Oscar often played his own rendition of Pulling Teeth (Anesthesia) by Cliff Burton. (RIP)

The band met its demise soon after Matt Nunberg began wearing cowboy boots and insisting that they cover a few Garth Brooks songs.

(He was trying to get the attention of Stacey Arnt, it worked)


Various Jr. High and High School dances. (1991-1994)


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