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Meat Records was started by Bill and Aaron, two of your favorite bartenders from Ralph's in the mid-90s. Meat Records, was one of the more prolific label in Fargo history.


  • Meat Records was the first Fargo label to find it's way to the internet, with the help of Phil Leitch and his Yahtzeen/Katezine/Meat Records site back in the mid-90s.
  • Orange 17's "Swinefucker" (from the 'Bob' compilation) was often dedicated to Phil Leitch, or James Wendt live. And no, it wasn't very nice.


  • 7 O'Clock Sucker 7-inch
  • John Smith 7-inch (MT002)
  • John Smith/Bossk split 7-inch (MT005)
  • Freedom Fighters 7-inch (MT-006)
  • Martian "My Favorite" 7-inch
  • moreRAM 7-inch
  • Trans Ams "Race the Devil" 7-inch (co-release with Ramblin' Charlie Records)
  • V/A "Bob" cassette compilation (John Smith, Standard, Bossk, Bootlick, Gummy, Pawnee's Camper, Superfly Snuka, Black Eyed Susan, Against)
  • VA "Draggin' Tracks" compilation (John Smith, Fireballs of Freedom, Stene Racing, Orange 17, Freedom Fighters, The Valvestems, The Women, Unabombers, Bossk, Felix the Brat, The Grossouts, Sausagefinger, Martian, The Trans Ams, Bombshell, Floodplain, Garland, Skeeter) Still available through Dart Records.


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