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UPDATE 10.27.15: Seriously this time, if you have previously had an account on FBFT and want to continue to contribute please contact me ( with your username and i'll give you editing capabilities back.

HELP WANTED 10.27.15: The SPAM is still a problem in the database and needs to be cleared out. We need a database jedi to go in and clean it out. Cleaning it out one-by-one is a fucking chore and mostly pointless. So, if you have the skills please get in touch, email address above.

ANNOUNCEMENT 10.27.15: Putting together an IndieGoGo campaign to raise some money to better ensure that FBFT continues to thrive and live on. If you have anything super incredibly awesome that would make for great incentives to give away please contact me, email address above.

The Fargo Band Family Tree currently has 2,123 pages including bands, band members and record labels. First time visitors may want to learn what a wiki is, how it works and how to contribute to the FBFT. The Fargo Band Family Tree is intended to be a mostly non-biased, factual historical reference to the Fargo/Moorhead indie music scene and it's six degrees of separation with other closely related scenes.

  • Due to excessive spammers we now require that you contact us for access. It's still free and completely open, we just ask that you please create an account or have us reinstate a previous account.
  • Please keep the bragging, boasting and self-promotion to a minimum. We do strongly encourage bands to use FBFT as a resource in promoting yourself, just try to keep the hype to a minimum.
  • Feel free to use the "discussion" tab on each page to discuss whatever you desire with regards to bands or individuals, though we ask that you please keep it civil.
  • The decade and alphabetical listings are for Fargo/Moorhead bands only at this point. We are in the process of adding categories to existing pages which solves the problem for alphanumerical listings for other cities.

Fargo Band Family Tree

Originally FBFT was created to document local bands and their lineage so our main focus remains the Fargo-Moorhead indie scene. You can find bands by name (using the alphanumeric links) or by decade if you can remember when you think you saw them.


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By Decade

70's | 80's | 90's | 00's | 2010's

Other Bands

We quickly found that not only does the Fargo scene spread as people and bands move but that other regional scenes wanted to be included. We've decided to cover the states of Minnesota and North Dakota and leave it at that.

Pick a City

Minneapolis | Grand Forks | Minot | Mankato | Other ND | Other MN

Other Cool Rock'n'Roll History Stuff

Record Labels | Venues | Shows of Note | Bios

Currently Active Bands

We'd like to highlight bands that are still playing, please add the category of 'Active' to you page if you know how or drop us an email and let us know...we'll be happy to get you included in the list of active bands.

Need Help?

Quick Help | Editing FBFT | FBFT Best Practices

  • If you plan to add a page for a band member please use Phil Leitch as your sample. Need a sample for a band profile page? Please use Fargo All-Stars. Please follow our examples...don't create your own. (Blank Templates can be found in FBFT Best Practices)Thanks.

Pages That Need Some Loving

If you'd like to contribute but aren't quite sure where to start you can take a look at all the stub pages. Stub pages are pages that have very little to no content on them yet but have been created.

Branching Out

While the idea of attempting to become the ultimate universal band family tree is an interesting idea, it's too much for us to want to deal with. We love the Fargo scene and that's our passion. We would love to help others duplicate this effort (not that this is difficult by any means) and work together to standardize and interlink where possible. Contact either Phil or Ryan if you're interested.

Thnx, the yahtzeen staff