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A highly charged Power Trio preceding the formation of Hammerhead. Played in Fargo/Moorhead for about 2 years at Kirby's, Ralphs, Broadway Junction, and many late night parties in the area.

A classic Fargo band, in that they were usually dressed in insulated work boots, worn jeans over thermal long johns, double knitted stocking caps and winter coats. Paul Erickson could usually be found behind the drum kit in a pair of Sorrel boots.

There was a second incarnation of Floored in Mpls from 1994-1995 consisting of Andy Bahn, Clair Grupp and Rob Bernham. Although a good sounding band, this trio was a far cry from the original lineup.


Testimony Andy Bahn

Although whatever power the band had was generated by the rhythm section of the two Paul's (Paul Erickson or Frankie Machine on Drums and Paul Sanders or Thumpy on bass), Floored was actually more my baby. Paul Erickson always wanted to step out front of the drum kit, but he could never find a drummer meeting his standards to play in front of until Jeff Mooridian had honed his chops through hours and hours of solitary playing. The Jeff Mooridian of December's Children was a good drummer, but had not yet reached a level that would eventually surpass all of Paul Erickson's expectations.

And Thumpy, truth be told, was a damn good bass player (In my mind, Thumpy is always the bass player and Frankie Machine is the drummer), but once he heard the genesis of Hammerhead that Paul E (now, Roky Gremlin) was creating on Bass with Jeff(Renny) on Drums and I (Roly) on guitar, his heart began drifting away from Floored. Roky's Bass lines and Renny's drumming were exactly the sound Thumpy (Rummy) wished Floored had. Despite my protestations to Thump that Floored was the band that would break away from the Fargo scene, I think he knew Hammerhead was the band with the big sound.

My impressions of playing with Thumpy and Frankie Machine were similar to taking a ride down a mountain. Frankie was the mountain - rock solid with varied terrain including flower filled meadows and treacherous steep rocky cliffs. Thumpy was the road and he could lay down some smooth asphalt. The problem (or asset) of Thumpy is that he never chose the easiest way down the mountain and often preferred the rocky cliffs to the meadows. I had to ride down that mountain and I didn't have a car or a bike. I did not even have a skateboard. All I had at my disposal was a large toy Tonka dump truck painted yellow. It was a vintage one made entirely of steel and the paint was fresh with no rust and greased bearings, but taking that ride down the mountain on Thumpy's roads was perilous - to say the least. In the beginning, more often than not, I'd ride that yellow Tonka truck with my knees to my chin and ass hangin' off the swinging tailgate right straight into the ditch rolling a couple of times before ending in a pile under a large spruce tree. I suspected that most people who came to see us were there to see the spectacle of the inevitable crash. But, with practice, I adjusted to the barely noticeable play in the steering on the Tonka and could ride the pavement Thumpy laid down over even the worst grades on the mountain of Frankie. Oh, there were harrowing moments - to be sure - and many times I was screeching around hair-pin turns on two wheels with my body contorted into positions unseen before as I hit these turns doing 85 to 100 mph. But, I'd make it to the bottom, leap to my feet and throw my fists in the air screaming, "Come on Motherf#ckers! Is that all you got? Let's take the next ride down the north face."


They did a mean cover of Age of Aquarius by the 5th dimension. Paul Sanders was an amazing bass player and Paul Erickson was a wonderful drummer, and in this guitar player's opinion each one's best instrument, all you Hammerhead fans. (Andy Bahn)


There were several shows at Ralphs as well as some teenage hangout on main street in Fargo (Brodaway Junction?). We played at MSU once, as well. Mostly, like the other bands, we played to parties in the basement of Paul Erickson's most recent dwelling. For Floored, that was the small house on the north west edge of Moorhead.

I remember playing a party during the summer of 1989 after the Geardaddies played at Kirby's. The basement was packed and we were on our third or fourth song. If I remember right, the song we were playing was Concerto in D[major]. I could see a light coming through the packed basement from a distance. My guitar solo was coming up just as the light burst through the bodies standing in front of me and focused on my face and guitar. I hit my pedal and was off, not noticing that the two Pauls had stopped playing. I was caught in the clutch of Rock music and played my solo all the way through with the light shining in my face until the Police Officer gave me a shove and I stumbled backwards into the wall of Amps. Yeah! Rock and Roll!!


No known recordings exist.

I have a few live recordings of them that I'll try to find and post a short snippet of them. (Phil Leitch)

Paul Erickson is the keeper of all things Floored. I have a couple of recordings, and otherwise just a lot of great memories of the greatest band never heard.

One professional four-song, four track recording by Jeff Mooridian's father. It actually sounded very slick and well-produced. Only Paul Erickson would have a copy, unless someone could track down Jeff's dad.

I have a copy of a tape by Geeks, an early version of Floored with the original lineup. Paul Erickson has several recordings, I think. Phil, I'd be willing to send you the tape if you'd post it and send it back to me. It has songs from Diddy-Wah-Diddy on the other side. I might be able to scrounge up some more recordings as well from the Moleman. (Andy Bahn) cool site, btw.

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