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First off, it was Diddy-wah-Diddy (Doesn't anyone listen to Bo Diddley, anymore?). Four piece band formed while Jeff Mooridian stepped away from Moorhead and Andy Bahn moved in. Next in line of Bands paving the way to Hammerhead. Three song writers, but the best songs were all Steve Manns.



Most of the inspiration for this band comes from Steve Mann. He wrote some fabulous songs, such as Jamaica, Joker, Las Vegas and So Long. I have one recording and it is still pretty good after nineteen years. The lead guitar player tended to make his share of blunders, yet stumbled through the songs somehow. Paul Erickson Drummed and Thumpy Paul Sanders played bass. This band had some potential, but it was never going to sound like Hammerhead. I don't know exactly what it sounded like (Run, Westy, Run? The Kinks?), but it was very original. Lots of changes in Steve's songs and despite the Attention Deficit disorder of the lead guitar playing, the guitar licks were quite creative as well. Steve had a great Screaming voice that was probably inspirational to the Hammerhead boys. (Andy Bahn)


The last refrain of Joker has this convoluted verse sung in four part harmony.

Do it all the time;

Two Nickles to Rub;

Stop on a dime;

While you sit in a tub, sit in a tub (repeat)

Classic nonsensical lyrics by Steve Mann.


There was a show playing for some fraternity at NDSU. I have no idea how we landed that one. But, since we thought we were worth at least some free beer, and yet were required to buy glasses, we decided it was fair to sneak into their kitchen and steal a 25 lb roll of sausage.

And, of course, there was the infamous night in the summer of 1988 at Kirby's. It was hot and we had all stripped down to our boxers. I was concentrating on my leads when I looked up and saw Steve Mann buck naked with his hairy ass facing me and standing at the end of the stage facing the audience. Kirby's son pulled the plug and threw us out telling us we would never play Kirby's again. A couple of name changes later and Floored was on Kirby's stage (we eventually had the plug pulled on us as well, but not for being naked and rather for being too F$cking loud).

I think it would help to explain the naked incident at Kirby by reminding everyone how hot that summer in Fargo was. I remember it as being blistering hot. Steve and I shared an upper apartment with a couple of other friends in Fargo and there were many parties that went late into the evening. In the beginning there were lots of pretty girls, but as the alcohol levels went up and the music got louder eventually the pretty girls all left. By the end of the night there were anywhere from 5 to 20 guys dancing to music (doing the "softshoe") and stripping down to nothing as the temperature rose in the apartment.

The band practices in Paul's house in Moorhead also tended to heat up fast in the confined basement filled with several big tube amplifiers throwing off heat. It seemed the natural thing to do to strip down while drinking more beer as the basement heated up. By the last song it was customary to be completely naked with our guitars slung low and our pieces hanging over the top of the guitars (if you were impressed by Jimi Hendrix playing with his teeth, there was a trick I did in the basement that may have impressed you even more - The Beatles White Album, "I got blisters on my fingers"...you don't want to know, believe me). The summer of '88 has long been referred to as "the naked summer" by many of the boys present for a multitude of reasons.

(Andy Bahn)


I got a cassette tape. Paul Erickson probably has more.(Andy Bahn)

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