December's Children

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This the first Fargo band beginning the road to Hammerhead.



Takes its name from a Rollingstones album.


Steve Mann singing a cover of Natural Woman (You make me feel, You Make me feel, You make me feel like a...)


The Blue House in Moorhead was rented by Paul and housed all members of the band. I used to hitch-hike up I94 from St Cloud for the all night parties and sometimes got to sit in on late night jams and four-track recordings with a whole host of Fargo/Moorhead based musicians. December's children was loud and a guitar riff orientated band with Paul Erickson supplying the riff. Jeff and Paul were getting their chops wet and learning their trades. Steve Mann was a natural front-man with the annoying habit of blowing everything up in the middle of a set due to large quantities of alcohol mixed with adrenaline. (Andy Bahn)


Tapes with songs like: Fred, Frank, and Rita

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