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1991 era speed metal cover band. Used to cover songs like "Born Of Fire" & "Dead Skin Mask" as well as orchestrated some long forgotten originals.



  • Neil Wiger (Recording Engineer) Way back when he used to run a Quasar boombox around the room with a 4'x8' of plywood for isolation.


Up in North Fargo a couple of times. They used to rent PA equipment from Harvey at United Teachers on University.


  • Neil Wiger has the only known of recording of this band. He recorded it in his bedroom and used copies of it to get cigarettes at "Dag Island". In fact the recording only has two guitars on it. It was a rehearsal for a show up at Exit 99 that never came to fruition. The tape in question features a garbled up version of "Enter Sandman" & "Master Of Puppets" (circa, Nov. 1991).


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