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7 O'clock Sucker debuted in the spring of 1994, opening for Minneapolis based Arcwelder and Gods Favorite Band at the old Elks Lodge on First Avenue. Allegedly named after a never attempted home brew, the band began as five piece with members hailing from Milnor, Dickinson, and Minot, North Dakota. Troy and his obsequious baseball cap were dropped after their first public appearance (the band had played several shows in their basement, aka the 700 Club), and 7 O'clock Sucker continued as a three piece for 3-4 years before disbanding with a self released seven-inch.

Marked by an energetically charismatic stage presence, 7 O'clock Sucker played pop punk similar to Jawbreaker and Face to Face; later, their style of music evolved into a more hardcore sound, reflective of their changing influences.

7 O'clock Sucker played countless basement shows and the members were quietly responsible for introducing Fargo/Moorhead to numerous bands that were under the radar of the stereotypical F/M scenester; the height of the 700 Club included: Propagandhi, Defiance, The Pist, and Schlong, among others.



  • Kyle getting pantsed.
  • Opened a show for At The Drive-In before anybody even knew who ATDI was.
  • From Carothers Brothers #5, "The Definitive Guide to Everything Punk Rock in the Moorhead/Fargo Area": 7 O'clock Sucker - 4 guys who make up the best band and put on the best show... well they should, they've been playing the same songs for the past three years.
  • Had some rather plain white T-shirts with a silhouette of a cowboy and a punk kid, which everyone seemed to want.
  • Dom Krebsbach printed some T-shirts for these guys with spraypaint and a stencil, perhaps some puff-paint, too.
  • Played a version of "Fraggle Rock" as well as "Nintendo Baseball," "Centerfold," "With or Without You" as well as a couple of covers of Face to Face and Econochrist songs.



V/A "We're Addicted to Dayquil, LantzCentral Records

V/A "Top Sluggers" 2x7-inch, Big Block Records

V/A "Captain Blood Makes 10 Bands Walk The Plank," "Danny Laruso" Captain Blood Records

7-inch on Meat Records

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