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sorry Phil, Ryan.

I was taking some of the formatting for new pages from the example of Todd Holman (Holdman?).

I was also under the impression that the "About" section was to be added to all band pages,a s some of the pages included that section.

I'll go back and fix any profiles where I added that tag in.

Also, do band descriptions go at the top of the page, or under the "Members" section, in the "highlight" section?

I've got some more to add later this week, mostly for GF - other sections, some of which do tie into the fringe edges of Fargo bands. It might help give a more complete picture...maybe not, who knows? I've got some free time coming up Friday, so hopefully then.


Oh also, Remote Video, pics

I'm trying to find another stable server to host the remote video files off of. is definitely stable, but is kind of a hassle to add, file, and take offline if needed.

One last thing...image files, JPG or GIF...are you okay with users uploading for profiles? Also, what filename format would you like to use?

I've been using JPG, and naming the files as capital first letter; first name, capital first letter last name (AdamZavalney.jpg for example)? Is this okay, or would you prefer some other way?


Reply - Phil

Ha ha...funny we must have both been editing this at the same time because i posted a reply to your first entry.

I decided to drop 'About' and post that info at the top of the page. This is for bands, people, etc...the very first thing on a page should be a short (or long) description/story/overview of the band, person, etc...

Highlights should be interesting, weird, historical things that the band or person is known for or that people might want to know. It might repeat some of what is written in the description. it might not.

The Members section should just list band members *[[First Name, Last Name]] (instrument)

Video I haven't really thought of, I liked that you went ahead and took the initiative to go ahead and add it though. Totally the type of activity we want here. I'm open to anything with video, my preference is quicktime as I'm a mac whore but i'm open to any formats. My only concern is that it's reliable.

Photos, again I'm not too concerned. I'd like to just say PNG's but really JPGs and GIFs are fine. My normal naming convention that I use is to separate by underscores but prior to that I'd do camel casing. Again I hadn't really thought of it but I guess it would be nice to standardize on one way to do it.