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Hi-ho, I'm Mr. Nuvistor, aka Ryan Schweitzer from Bismarck, ND. I'm trying to flesh out the Bismarck section of this site, since there isn't any history/family tree/etc of the music scene there, that is present elsewhere on the 'net (Thank you very kindly Phil & Ryan, for having a Bismarck section here ;) ).

Sure, there's &, but they're more focused on the bar bands here, you know, the same old middle-aged bar bands that play Foghat covers, as well as the bands here as well that play overly bland white blues, IMHO, or as Fat Possum Records called it, "the same old blues crap". :P ...

No offense to the aforementioned, but the, dare I say, indie & punk scenes of past & present in the Bis-bang need to be recognized too. Bismarck has had such going back the the mid-80s from what I've been told, but it hasn't been very well documented, most of it lost to time, and also lost due to pivotal people of this early scene moving away from the Bis (although I've heard from Stace Stoltz of Terminal Aspect, a fellow who was involved with the scene back then, that there were a few house shows put on here in the late 80s-early 90s with some punk groups playing at such, and the former One World Coffee House in downtown Bismarck (RIP, it's now a womens clothing boutique called "Urban Girl") used to have quite a few bands play there, both local and out-of-state (especially from Seattle-Olympia, One World even hosted a performance by Mr. Calvin Johnson himself...!)).

I hope to try to improve this situation of spotty record-keeping of the Bismarck-Mandan scene... ;)