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Silly punk rockers from Moorhead. They were the only band that learned their Madonna covers when Phil Leitch first tried to organize Madonnarama in the mid 90s. They acted goofy, sang songs about grocery stores and getting free pizza from Sarah Hassel, made absurd zines (ChickenX, Trans Zine, White Crane Beggar, etc.) and had a lot of fun. For some reason, they really amused Nine Pound Hammer and Hammerhead.


Toured across the US twice (more like 1.5 times, since they went broke & turned around in Illinois on trip #2). Remembered for playing a show on August 19, 1995 at the Coffee Club in Moorhead where Phil cut his head open on a stage light & got blood all over the place. When Meat Records released Draggin' Tracks compilation, The Trans Ams performed a set consisting of covers of every song/band on the CD in order of appearance at Bill & Aaron's request. Performed the South Dakota State Song on the Coolidge 50 compilation because the label could not find a band from South Dakota, apparently.



1. Feb. 19, Minot Labor Temple, Minot ND w/Fitz of Depression & Apollo Kings

2. Feb 21, Bowler, Fargo, ND w/Fitz of Depression, 7 O'Clock Sucker, Pathos

3. March 17, Ralph's w/Bossk, Pawnee's Camper

4. April 17, Country Suites, Fargo w/Trusty, Onespot Fringehead, the Sweethearts

5. April 28, DRAGONSTOCK, MSU Campus, Dahl Hall w/Three Minute Hero, the Sweethearts, Black Eyed Susan

6. April 30, A DAY IN THE PARK, Gooseberry Park, Moorhead w/James Zespy, Beauty School Dropouts, Three Minute Hero, the Sweethearts, Pawnee's Camper, Humdrum

7. May 13, American Legion, Grand Forks w/The Make-Up, Free Jesse, Soliday

8. May 14, The Bowler w/The Make-Up, Los Micros

9. June 23, DIY Center, Fargo w/Bootlick, Bombshell, Bossk, Standard, 7 O'Clock Sucker, John Smith, Man Afraid

10. June 30, Hallock City Hall w/Karma, Aggrecko Salve

11. July 27, Coffee Club, Moorhead w/Silkworm, John Smith

12. August 5, Minot Collective Cultural Center, Minot w/Humdrum, Dr. Starr

13. August 19, Coffee Club w/Shove, Bossk

14. August 26, Ralph's w/Bombshell

15. September 13, VIA, Moorhead w/Fifteen, Bisy Backson, Humdrum, Martian, Pathos

16. September 16, Ralph's

17. October 3, Ralph's w/Nine Pound Hammer, Day 28

18. October 15, Coffee Club w/Vampire Lesbos, Martian, Dr. Starr

19. October 19, Raplh's w/Gnomes of Zurich, Mickey Finn

20. October 26, MSU Ballroom w/godheadSilo, Skeeter

21. October 27, Coffee Club w/Nothing To Lose, 7 O'Clock Sucker, Martian, Jane Fonda Workout

22. November 5, Coffee Club w/Assrash, State of the Union

23. December 2, Underground, Moorhead w/Humdrum, "new" Three Minute Hero

24. December 16, Java Joint, St. Cloud w/Baba Booey


25. February 2, Coffee Club w/Supernova, Baba Booey, Martian

26. March 1, Ralph's w/John Smith, Bombshell, Orange 17, Camel Paw, El Dorado Corn Bandits, Stan Heston Experience, the Grossouts

27. March 2, Artemis Suite, Moorhead w/the Women, Sarah Goode, Huxley, Juror #7, the Grossouts

28. March 21, The Bowler & Ralph's w/Hammerhead, Bossk

29. March 22, 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis w/Hammerhead, Gnomes of Zurich, Silver Salute

30. March 29, Ralph's w/Fuck, the Grossouts, the Women

31. March 30, NDSU Ballroom, Fargo w/Daughter Julie, Stormtrooper, Liquid Sunshine, DOB, Gummy, Lead Pipe Headache, E Hook, Dionysus

32. April 12, Ralph's w/Smatch, 7 O'Clock Sucker, the Grossouts

33. April 17, Ralph's w/the Grossouts (first show as "the trans ams")

34. May 4, MSU Campus, MALL MUSIC MADNESS w/Gnomes of Zurich, Willy Wisely and the Conquores, Green Pyramids, Orange 17, Three Minute Hero

35. May 9, Ralph's w/the Women, Larry Gin and the Tonics, the Grossouts

36. August 13, Cramm Music, Pensicola FL w/Latex Generation, Pee Tanks, Swank

37. August 14, Coffee House, Mobile AL w/This Bike is a Pipebomb, the Helltones

38. August 16, Skatestation, Fayetteville, AR

39. August 18, The Grind, Joplin MO w/The Kreeps

40. August 19, Nora's Backyard & Basement, Warrensburg MO w/Kosher

41. August 21, Fun Loving Coffee House, Appleton WI w/Wings of Life

42. August 23, Java Joint, St. Cloud w/Real Estate Fraud, E Bola

43. August 27, 1st Avenue, Fargo w/Jimmy Eat World

44. August 31, Trevor's House, Fargo w/Floid Matrix, DOB

45. September 8, 1st Avenue, Fargo w/New Bomb Turks, Space Cookie

46. September 9, Underground w/Three Minute Hero

47. October 12, Ralphs w/Rats of Unusual Size, Orange 17

48. October 21, 1st Ave, Fargo w/Uranium 9 Volt, Bossk

49. October 25, MSU Ballroom w/Calvin Krime, Action Slacks, Bossk

50. October 27, Underground w/Phono-Comb, Larry Gin and the Tonics

51. October 30, Ralphs w/This Bike is a Pipebomb, June Panic

52. October 31, Justin's House, Moorhead w/Krebscouts, Filled With Disgust, Krusties

53. October 31, Ralphs El Camino, June Panic, Orange 17

54. November 13, MSU Ballroom w/Unibombers, Floid Matrix, Bossk, Orange 17

55. November 17, 1st Ave, Fargo w/Chixdiggit, Punchbuggy

56. November 30, the Bowler w/Senator, Economical (Meat CD release party)

57. December 6, 1st Ave, Fargo w/Sky Klad, Bossk

58. December ??, House Show, Fargo w/Olde Style


59. January 17, Ralphs w/Standard

60. March 1, Ralphs w/Real Estate Fraud, Scrodonauts

61. March 25, Perot House, Fargo w/Buglite, Scrodonauts

62. April 3, Ralphs w/Buggin' Out, Scrodonauts

63. May 30, Ralphs w/Bombshell, Real Estate Fraud, [CTRL-D]

--right around here is where i lost track...--

64. July 11, Java Joint, St. Cloud w/Space Cookie

65. July 12, Perot House w/Space Cookie

66. July 12, Ralphs w/Space Cookie

67. ????, Show at Doug's House (tour '97)

68. September 16, 1st Ave, Fargo w/Pansy Division

69. November 11, Knights of Columbus, Fargo w/ZOINKS!, Scrodonauts

70. November 12?, All Star Bowl w/Howlin' Switchblades


71. February 6, Ralphs OFFICIAL LAST SHOW w/Standard, Isaac Breaks Glass, Sarah Goode

72. December ??, X-Mas Show at old School w/Orange 17, Submarine, Floid Matrix


73. December 20, Ralphs w/Ten Extra Pounds, Les Dirty Frenchmen



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