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Add notes/comments to any discussions on this page. From time to time I, or whoever feels the page has gotten overcommented, will condense discussions down to a consesus view. The purpose of this page is to toss out ideas and to document current best practices for the FBFT (though that seems like it should exist on it's own page...we'll have to figure that out).

Kid Jonny Lang et al

Lengthy discussion here asked where do we draw the line, do we include Kid Jonny Lang? Do we include the cover band that plays every Friday and Saturday at Rick's?

While the original intent was to very small and meant to track the whorish nature of Fargo band members during the 90's I think we've seen there is a huge interest for bands to be included (check out all the jazz bands from Grand Forks?) but you do have to draw the line somewhere.

I think cover bands would be good to not include, of course there will be an exception to everything which means I think common sense just needs to be used. If somebody really feels Kid Jonny Lang should be included, then I guess that's fine with me.

We of course reserve the right to delete bands, people or any other pages that don't fit our idea of what the scope of the Fargo Band Family Tree is.