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Original rules apply even though I can't really remember all of them (i am trying to find the original files) but the one that sticks out is that you needed to have played three shows, but maybe we can scrap that and add a "Phantom Band" tag to those bands like The Sweaters and Big Trucks in Texas that never really did anything beyond coming up with a name. Thoughts?


I was wondering about breaking Fargo down into north, south and downtown... that sounds like more trouble than good, esp. w/ people in the same bands living on different sides of town. Thoughts? -ryan

  • i think you're right, let's do that and make it just fargo. i was thinking today that maybe we should allow for further expansion, or at least plan for it, outside of fargobands. We could start by following where fargobands or members have gone and work from there. Make fargo the focal and starting point but add the cities and wherever else people have ended up. Or again, at least plan for it so we make the structure right. Like I'm envisioning the home page being where you pick a state maybe? or am i making this too big at this point? - phil
    • I think we have a problem with getting too grand with these things. I'm open to exploring it though. For the moment, what I ended up doing with Todd Holdman was creating an external link to Anchorhead's page. That might work. -ryan
      • I agree...especially when all i ido is think of things and you seem to end up doing all the work...sucker. i like that for now.

Oh, also, I think we could work record labels into this fairly easily, esp. since there weren't very many. Venues would probably fit, but I'm wondering if zines would need to go somewhere else or have it's own wiki alltogether?

  • again, i agree. - phil