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Add notes/comments to any discussions on this page. From time to time I, or whoever feels the page has gotten overcommented, will condense discussions down to a consesus view. The purpose of this page is to toss out ideas and to document current best practices for the FBFT (though that seems like it should exist on it's own page...we'll have to figure that out).

Thank you

First off, thank you for visiting the FBFT and (hopefully) taking part in its growth. Sitting here and looking over it (mind you we're only up to L as I write this), I'm floored at the number of bands (125+ counting in the 90s alone) and the depth of all of it. We've seen many, if not most of these bands, but I don't think any of us were aware of how massive this actually is... hell, who would've thunk that Chad James wasn't the only person to have played in 40 million bands? It's massive folks!

A few things to watch out for

  • If you add a band, please add it to a city, decade and the appropriate letter of the alphabet. That'll help keep things organized.
  • Please be consistent in both case and spelling! We want everything to link together nicely, so we need everything to be consistent.
  • We don't care what your super special punk rock name is... please don't use it here. Again, we're trying to link as much together as we can, so please use real names or don't use 'em at all.
  • If you have any questions about how to format pages, or you don't know what you're doing, don't hesitate to e-mail us.,


any thoughts on putting up relevant flyers?

Labels & Zines

We have decided that FM area labels will be represented within the FBFT. Zines will be left out for now, possibly included later or given their own space somewhere else.

Outside the family tree

For now we will provide links to bands/projects outside the FBFT, for an example see the link to Anchorhead under Todd Holdman.

Phantom Bands

Originally bands that either had never played at least three shows were considered phantom bands and appropriately marked. The new FBFT covers this better since we have more space to expand further on the band so just be sure to mention it somewhere on their page.


You may add photos to the band pages. For the time being we ask that you please limit this to one image per page and keep the size as close to 320x240 (or 240x320) as you can to maintain a consistent look across the FBFT. These guidelines may change in the future after we've been able to properly gauge our storage and bandwidth needs.