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I can't believe that someone out there actually remembers Gecko... thanks for the writeup.

After Gecko, I moved to Red Wing for about a year. While there I recorded some stupid songs under the name "Fur". From there, we moved around to various cities in MN until I wound up in Hutchinson. I joined a band called "Clover" in 1999. We're a basic rock and roll cover band, actually fairly well known in this area of the state. We play a lot of bars and street dances around the area, we're at Litchfield VFW quite often if you're in the area... The manager/guitarist of the band has been playing for 40 years or so and is a member of the MN music hall of fame. Along with that, I teach high school biology here in Hutchinson. Drop me a line if ya want!

By the way, my last name is "Schmitt", everyone messes that up.