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Super Asbestos was Jim Zespy's baby, a studio and record label. Super Asbestos recorded and released a number of records for local and not-so-local bands in a converted building in a rather industrial area of Fargo. Jim left Fargo via Indiana and is currently in Chicago, running Essay Records (or SA records), which is probably just an extension of the original label. Maybe Zespy can stop by and set us straight.



  • The Chris Danforths "Outside of Outer Space"
  • [CTRL-D] "[CD]"
  • Floid Matrix "Stop the Technology Madness"
  • June Panic "Silver Sound Sessions"
  • Low-Fi "The Hi-fi Session"
  • Mothmus "Le Bombe Neutron"
  • The Post "Backwards Music"
  • Spoon/Swearing at Motorists Split 7-inch



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