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== External Links ==  
== External Links ==  
[http://www.putfile.com/fargobandfamilytree Hellbender video]
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1DE4qClJBQ Hellbender video on Youtube]
== Discography ==
== Discography ==
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[[Category: Inactive]]

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Fargo punk band. Wrote catchy hooks and solid beats.



  • Released one CD, recorded by Ryan Haugland in the Spring of 2004. Approximately 200 were sold or given away...
  • Never played a show completely sober.
  • Played a rendition of "Catch My Fall", by the Gainesville, FL band Whiskey & Company.
  • Shared a practice space above Mellow Moods off Main Avenue in Moorhead with Strong Like Bear.
  • In the shared practice space, there was an ongoing competition to see which band could find the filthiest porn and put it on the walls, of which there was never a winner, only many many losers.


External Links

Hellbender video on Youtube


  • Four Fast Songs - 2004, Self-Released

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