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AKA: The Breeze,



Although, this probably has not been admitted by anyone involved and all who were there have since denied any involvement whatsoever, there was a party at Paul Erickson's house with several cases of Huber Bock loaded into the refrigerator. The Kitchen was packed with the boys hanging out by the cooler after a long hot day of hard physical labor at various menial jobs. After several hours and many trips to the Fridge for a new beer, Steve stuck his head in and came out holding a huge carrot. "Hey guys, look at this. Should I shove it up my Ass?" Now, you have to understand that when drinking, Steve was often the initiator of pranks that each of us had been victims of in the past. With Steve standing there holding that Carrot in front of us with a big smile ion his face, we all looked at each other from our perches on the counter and chairs - and without saying a word, as Steve's expression went from that smile to a look of horror - we pinned him to the kitchen floor on his stomach, held him down while forcing his pants off and stuck that carrot up you know where.