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The Women broke up as so many young college groups do, and Clay, Neil, and Danforth wanted to explore their love of partying and punk rock music. Andy Martinson was willing to help, and the Scrodonauts were formed. Though they originally only planned to play a few parties, the Scrodonauts played for a couple years around Fargo and had a good deal of fun in the process.



Winning a battle of the bands at 1st Ave to get the chance to open for Green Day at the Civic Center. Green Day cancelled the show but Andy got in fight with Billy Joe.*

  • Andy did not exactly get into a fight Billy Joe directly. He innocently inquired about a Screeching Weasel button on Billy's jacket. Apparently this was a sensitive issue for old Billy at the time, and he yelled at him. This prompted Billy Joe's very large "friend" (bodyguard?) to pin Andy against the wall by his neck. Billy felt bad and called off his large associate. The Green Day singer apologized to Andy, but the fuckers never re-scheduled the show.


  • Dryhump fest 1998
  • Some Bowler shows circa 1998 also.
  • First Ave. In Fargo, 1998/99?. Played a show with eHook and Recaster.


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