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Bubba is still trying to get people to stop calling him "Bubba" and refer to him as "Scott."




  • His dog Al.
  • Lived in the house later known as "The Cat House" that played host to bands such as Slant 6, I Spy and Man Afraid, amongst others.
  • One of the Unk crew.
  • Was picked on for years by both Yahtzeen and Carothers Brothers and took his lumps without much complaint.
  • Wrote one column about smashing the state for Yahtzeen.
  • Contributed "poetry" to Emo Pussies zine.
  • Is sick and tired of not getting credit for starting the Ralph's scene-He began working there in 1991 and booked the first "real" punk show with Hensquirt headlining. Fuck you, Bubba, it's finally in print.

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