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I'm living in the Twin Cities with my wife and partner in crime, Dawn, dog (Yoshi) and hellcat (Martini). Currently contributing to Yahtzeen and New Patriot (a lefty blog) as well as my own site, Let's Fight. I also run a Minnesota beer-related site, MNBeer.com I rediscovered homebrewing this winter and have made about 60 gallons of beer in the last 6 months. Wanna' get drunk?

8-25: I am currently the Yahtzeen resident hobo. My company closed its doors rather abruptly so I'm madly assembling my resume and portfolio. If you're looking for a designer with lots of production experience, a portfolio that needs strengthening and a whole lot of other (mostly legal) skills, let me know.


== Highlights ==
  • With the help of Mark Botschner, booked the very first "punk rock" shows at the old Kaddatz Hotel (http://www.fergusarts.org/rental.html) in Fergus Falls. Booked the second one, too. Got roped into working out the logistics of the third despite the fact that by the time all was said and done, 7 bands played, including a very young Dillinger 4.
  • Published six issues of Carothers Brothers with Lee Jensen from about 1994 to 1996. People have finally stopped asking whether or not I dislike them or think they're annoying. Before Carothers Brothers, I published two issues of Sally's Lowrider (where Lisa Renee was conceived) and an issue of Burning Sensation.
  • Was an early donor to Fargo's short-lived DIY Center. Booked a couple of shows and ended up getting calls from bands for the next four years.
  • Also was behind Carothers Brothers Online (just an archive of old stuff) and Scott Wolf Zine, which later became Emo Pussies. Among others, Lee Jensen, Phil Hunt, Todd Holdman and Phil Leitch contributed to Emo Pussies. All three are now defunct, swallowed up with all of the other crap on early Geocities and AT&T homepages.
  • Has been involved with Yahtzeen in its digital form since 1996 or so.
  • Assembled the first Fargo Band Family Tree, though sadly it lacked branches. This one, co-created with Phil Leitch, has branches.

Contact Info

ry4n (AT) ryananderson.org