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Also read our FBFT Best Practices for more information on how to best contribute to the Fargo Band Family Tree.

Adding a new band

Our example will be the band, The Deaths. From the main page, click on the letter D and you'll see a list of bands that begin with D Near the top, you'll see an "edit" tab. Hit that and you'll see the raw formatting for the page. To add The Deaths, you'd enter an asterisk, two forward brackets (this makes the link) Deaths, The and then two end brackets. Something like this:

*[[Deaths, The]]

Go ahead and add the band to the appropriate city and decade as well.

Once you're done with that, clicking on the band name will give you a screen with an empty box. This is where you'll enter the info about the band. The easiest way to do this is to look at another band, hit the "edit" tab, copy everything on the page and then go back to the band you're working on, paste it all in and edit away with the correct information.

You can do the same thing for band members. For an example, see Phil Leitch or Todd Holdman.

Those are the basics, and again, if you need help, feel free to contact Phil Leitch.