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Prophet Swich is a band formed in 1998 by some crazy creative cats with too much time (and substances) on their hands. They featured all original material. Their sound it quite distinctive.


  • ? - Vocals <--- real names only please. (See FBFT Best Practices and follow FBFT formatting please.)
  • - Drums
  • Gerald - Guitar
  • Michael - Bass


Unfortunately these cats who worked incredibly hard on their music only played one live event at a Halloween party in Moorhead, MN. It was a great show and it was a very large party. One of the fans in the crowd claimed it was her best Halloween ever because of the bands set. Another interesting side note is that when the lead singer Mysticpain was at the [Rob Zombie] show with [Fear Factory] and [Monster Magnet]... he went to take a piss between bands and a person approached him and said "aren't you the lead singer of Prophet Switch?" This was pleasing to the band and they are all very greatful for all the fan appreciation for their only live performance.

After this live show due to circumstances beyond the bands control, they were forced to break up and continue on with their endevors. After the break up a few years later Mysticpain and Michael teamed up with a member of The KRIMS Matty...This band was called 20FT Mustache (later shortened to 20FT) and they also went through a variety of drummers including The current lead singer of the band 9 EYES. Another drummer they teamed up with is Chris who is married to the lead singer and rythym guitarist of the now dismembered Bingeof which Uppy was also druming for. Chris also is a musician and was in a band in Fargo, ND Downer.

All is not lost, however, from this one time band. It is almost like the refuse to be forgotten. And for good reason! These four dudes created incredible original tunes that are very melodic and beautifully constructed. They have a rough demo they made in their practice space and this is what still lives on today so the whole world can celebrate the sonic creativity achieved by Prophet Switch. You can check out the entire demo at Mysticpain's Site You can also Emailthe band and they will send you an MP3 copy of the demo free of charge! Now you can't beat that!

To get your free demo from Prophet Switch make sure you include PROPHET MP3 in the subject line!!!! Anything other than PROPHET MP3 will just be deleted. Serious inquiries only please!

After getting more information from the band members this page will be updated accordingly.



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