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  • Jason Tyryfter - Drums.
  • Shane Langrud - Vocals.
  • Greg Olson - Bass.
  • and some wacky guitar player from North High named Andy


A band made up of 4 talented musicians with very different musical background & interests that created a unique sound not like any other band in the F/M area at the time. They were a blend of alternative, jazz, & metal with fun light-hearted lyrics.

Even though they were well known in the F/M area, due to their uniqueness, they did not fit in with all the popular "hard, heavy, & loud" band during that music scene era. They were outcasts and thus tended to be forced to stick to gigs in coffee shops and the such.

Jason Tyryfter has the only known recorded collection of Pigeonhole's original songs, and is currently is working on his own project of recording his own original songs (drums, bass, guitar, & vocals).

Anyone looking for a drummer?  :)~


  • Members of Pathos used to mercilessly make fun of this band. (i.e. Corey Schatz & Joe Vesel). They were not actually in Pigeonhole.
  • During a Coffee Club show, Pigeonhole started voicing a public 'boycott' of Team Fargo (Bjorn Christianson and Amy Hendrickson) shows.


  • Sept 23 1994 - Bowler w/ O17, Free Jesse, Haul, Pathos.
  • Fall/Winter 94-95 - Various house shows and Coffee Club Shows.


Just Not Cool...

  This was a compilation of studio & live performances.  
  There are only a handful of copies floating around to those few lucky fans.

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