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A band made up of 4 talentless musicians with very different musical background & interests that created a unique sound not like any other band in the F/M area at the time. (suck) They were a blend of alternative, jazz, & metal with fun light-hearted lyrics. Churchboy was our hit. We were going to make it.

Even though they weren't very well known in the F/M area, due to their sucking, they did not fit in with all the popular "hard, heavy, & loud" band during that music scene era. They were outcasts (losers) and thus tended to be forced to stick to gigs in coffee shops and the such.




  • Sept 23 1994- Bowler w/ O17, Free Jesse, Haul, Pathos.
  • Spring, 1995- Springfest '95 It was a show in my basement but hey it still counts
  • 1994-1996- Various house shows, Coffee Club Shows and Numerous Bar-mitzvahs.


  • "Just Not Cool..."- a compilation of studio & live performances. (There are only a handful of copies floating around to those few lucky fans). When I say lucky fans I mean our parents and my sister.

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