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A band made up of 4 talentless musicians with very different musical background & interests that created a unique sound not like any other band in the F/M area at the time. They were a blend of alternative, jazz, & metal with fun light-hearted lyrics. Church boy was our biggest hit. Even though they weren't very well known our liked in the F/M area, they still tried to fit in with all the overdone "hard, heavy, & loud" bands during that music scene era, they became outcasts because the drummer insisted on beat boxing most of the set and thus were limited to smaller venues. ie parents basements. Most know for Langruds flagrant homosexual overtones in his lyrics.



  • Member of Pathos used to mercilessly make fun of this band (out of jealousy and a desire to be just like them.
  • During a Coffee Club show, Pigeonhole started voicing a public 'boycott' of Team Fargo shows. After the show they were beaten mercilessly by a bunch of Team Fargo supporters.


  • Sept 23 1994- Bowler w/ O17, Free Jesse, Haul, Pathos.
  • Spring, 1995- Springfest '95
  • 1994-1996- Various house & Coffee Club Shows.


  • "Just Not Cool..."- a compilation of studio & live performances. We sold maybe five copies to our parents.

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