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(Related Bands)
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== Related Bands ==
== Related Bands ==
*[[Age of Consent]]
*[[Jane Fonda Workout, The]]

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  • Jason Tyryfter - Drums.
  • Shane Langrud - Vocals.
  • Greg Olson - Bass.
  • and some wacky guitar player from North High named Andy



  • Members of Pathos used to mercilessly make fun of this band. (i.e. Corey Schatz & Joe Vesel). They were not actually in Pigeonhole.
  • During a Coffee Club show started voicing a public 'boycott' of Team Fargo (Bjorn Christianson and Amy Hendrickson) shows. Kris Delaney ended up spitting on one of them and it got kind of ugly.


  • Sept 23 1994 - Bowler w/ O17, Free Jesse, Haul, Pathos.
  • Fall/Winter 94-95 - Various house shows and Coffee Club Shows.


Related Bands