Old 89ers, The

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The Old 89ers was a very small collective of bands (or projects or whatever). So small, it's dumb to call it a collective. But it wasn't exactly a band either. Ben, Brandon and Steve played many shows together, but almost never played all together at once. Only once live (singing "We, Too, Refuse To Die" along with the Enola Gays and Lo-Fi), and only a couple times on recorded tracks.


The bands of the Old 89ers were the following:


Played lots of shows at Ralph's in various combinations. One of them was a Rasputin themed show where the lineup was Yule Glover, Akeley, Sam's Predicament and Lo-Fi. Another of them was an Ascension Day themed show where the lineup was (Ben & Brandon), Solipsistic, The Sherlock Homies, and The Olivet Mountain Good News Boys, and which included a re-enactment of Jesus's ascension to Heaven. Another one was a tribute to Jim Zespe, which made many people think Jim had passed away.


  • Songs of the Young 89er
  • Songs of the Old 89er
  • "F" the New String Sound