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Neil Wiger is a guitarist and multi-faceted composer who grew up on Beatles and Black Sabbath compounded by Slayer and Metallica experiences. He is also known in the midwest rock circuit as "The Reverend Kowboy Luv". He calls the Fargo-Moorhead area home though he has travelled here and there.

He prefers to work alone in his small studio, as his results are more pure, and "raw".

He has played guitar, and or sang in the following groups - Tempest, Rocket, The Sleepfarmers, Postmortem, Dead Member and a few others.

Currently Neil is playing guitar in Loki Strike.

Neil's first musical ventures began in 1981 when he was five years old. His father Brent Wiger was a good friend of Moorhead guitar hero Kenny Raredon. Between Kenny and Brent there was no lack of good guitar teaching.

Later in his years, Neil began to dabble in singing, drumming and bass guitar. These experiences lead to his ability to orchestrate his own primitive 4 track productions. He's a real DIY kind of engineer.

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'Till now Neil's greatest "claims to fame" have been to work with Mike Sackman in there early nineties speed-metal band, Tempest. (circa. 1991-94) and his authorship of a biographical book entitled - Regina Carrol: Drive-In Starlet.

Neil's other work's include the remastering and mixing of a live album for Blood Dries Black (formerly known as Anomy) of Moorhead, Minnesota. As well as the creation of cassette distribtion company T-Independent Film & Records in the early nineties. T-Independent was responsible for releases by such acts as Plan 9 (Sweden), North Pride Posse (Michigan), Broken Cross (Oklahoma), John the Baker (New York) and several others.

Neil Wiger prefers Gibson Guitars, Shure mics and Tama drums above all others.


Fun Facts

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  • Enjoyed watching bands like Bratt and Pirate rehearse in his basement in the mid-80's. Neil's father Brent Wiger was the manger for these acts as well as a couple other bands.
  • Played in and or recorded in a ton of bands that were the misfits of misfiting bands in the FM area. Still hangin' in there and always open to new musical plans.
  • Won't bother even drinking at all unless there is enought to last all night.
  • Believes that Ralph's Corner had the greatest jukebox selection in Fargo-Moorhead history. They had SLAYER for Christ's sake!
  • Attended Fargo South High School '90-'91 then moved onto Moorhead Senior High School '91-'93... Then dropped out! (Got the ol' GED in 2003, finally).
  • Neil's an ordained minister.
  • Neil practices Tae Kwon Do.
  • Never has had a DUI!!!

  • Neil is Kowboy!

Contact Info

If you would like to work on recordings, jam or just drink a bunch of beer... just get in touch!

Email me here --

Write me here --

T-Independent Film & Records c/o Neil wiger 608 East Main ave. Twin Valley, Mn 56584 U*S*A

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