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Necktie Suicide started out of the ashes of two prominent bands in the Fargo, ND area; Jared (guitar) and Justin (drums) Norris from Blood Dries Black and Andy Hanson (bass), Steve Smedshammer (guitar) and Jarret Vosler (vocals) from Invividly. After playing only a few shows together, Jarret lost interest in the band, forcing the other members to make a change. Without a vocalist, the band embarked on a short tour where the other members started to let their voices be heard. Andy, Jared and Steve picked up the vocal duties. After playing over a hundred local and regional shows in a year and a half, the band felt the need for another change. They recruited A.J Anderson to take over on lead vocals.



  • They went out to california to record a 5 song EP. Ryan Sellars recorded and produced it at DML Studios in Escondido, CA under the supervision of Don Lithgow. It was mastered at Rare Form Mastering by Greg Rierson in Minneapolis, MN.


  • Have played with such acts as American Head Charge, Dope, Internal Bleeding, Dog Fashion Disco, Sinai Beach, Into Eternity, Six Feet Under, Premonitions of War, The Brain Chiggers, Vampire Moose, Misery Index, Through the Disipline, Jucifer, Twisted Method, Dead to Fall, 12 tribes,Marytr AD and Fight Paris.


  • "A Marrige of Life and Loss" 2003 Self-released
  • "Bearing Witness to the Fall of Rome" 2004 Self-released

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High Plains Reader 8.25.05 Metals a bitch; a stubborn, rigid creature that occasionally reproduces and spawns varying sub sects, but dangles the possibility for creative interpretation above its practitioners like its taunting a gorilla with a banana. Some artists have strong enough calf muscles to make the jump; the rest either say,"To hell with it!" and stay where they are during the duration of their career, or travel even lower downt he slope as if running from the big, bad originality goblin (cough...Slipknot...cough).

The Thing about Necktie Suicide is that they have legs like wallabies. "Bearing Witness to the Fall of Rome"--the bands debut EP--is a five-song operetta of men leaping through the air, and tearing apart an empire when they touch back down. A treatise on war, culture, and misinformation that ties it all together, "Rome" is like attending a dinner with a brain trust and watching the room explode into fisticuffs. Havoc isnt the point; its frustration that can no longer be kept quiet, and vitriol with a doctorate.

Its also wonderfully manic music. Everything comes in layers (the guitars alone on "Apologies Made Without Response" are stacked like skyscrapers), as if someone just relieved themselves all over Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound."

"Rome" cuts, changes, and ducks under the cover of night before you are sure of what you have just seen. Singer A.j Anderson delivers each song with the right amount of brutality as the remaning four members of this metal mob march through other great cuts like "Someone" and "Shotgun Divorce Settlement." Like Poison the Well without a Swedish production team, or Thursday finally becoming too pissed for emo to hold them any longer, Necktie Suicide is why you should never give up on heavy music, even when it seems like heavy music has given up on you.

Fargo Forum If you think a name like Necktie Suicide sounds harsh, listen to the Fargo group’s new EP, “Bearing Witness to the Fall of Rome.” The opener, “Apologies Made without a Response” features more screams than a slaughterhouse, while tracks like “Shiver” and “Blindfold” pound out hooks like a heavy-weight grudge match. The five-song CD isn’t for everyone, but in 25 minutes the quintet crunches out a polished bit of heavy metal. John Lamb Fargo Forum

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