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*Edwin Perry Manchester/USMilk "Speedboat"
*Edwin Perry Manchester/USMilk "Speedboat"
*The Math-amphetamines "1 + 1"
*The Math-amphetamines "1 + 1"
*USMilk "Onepop"
== Contact ==
== Contact ==

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Free netlabel based out of Fargo, specializing in experimental music and other non-mainstream stuff. All releases are put out under Creative Commons licensing.



  • Dwyer "Dwyer"
  • Edwin Perry Manchester "Impaired"
  • V/A "21 Beaches in Idaho" (Warmmilk, Titus Twimbly, Bird, Ja Esterby, Enid Boring, Edwin Perry Manchester, Sam Puller, Dark Circles, Bird Flu, Dependable Skeleton, Derek Olson, The Massive Fallout, Dwyer, The Handsome Terrorists, The Front Connectors, Lester's Psychosis, Manchester Bulge, Loren Del Beaumont, Ryan Burke, Yayoi Tsukioka)
  • Dependable Skeleton "Making Math Not Music"
  • Manchester Bulge "The Clarity of a Signal"
  • D-503 "Scripting Thoughts"
  • V/A "Tube Testing" (Brutum Fulmen, Dier, River Fish Duo, Orators, Quid, Anaphylaxis, Andy Kisaragi, Nasakenai Douji, Vok, Jason Campbell, Phroq, Matt, Âmes Sanglantes, D-503)
  • D-503 "Pop Tunes?"
  • D-503/Anaphylaxis "Split"
  • D-503/Andy Kisaragi "Live Improv February 2001"
  • The Blue Fairy Godmothers "Live On Radio Free Fargo"
  • Edwin Perry Manchester/USMilk "Speedboat"
  • The Math-amphetamines "1 + 1"
  • USMilk "Onepop"


Related Bands