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Kimmy Gibbler Started in January of '05 and rocked hard Until there last show in December of 2007.  
Kimmy Gibbler Started in January of '05 and rocked hard Until there last show in December of 2009.  
== Members ==
== Members ==

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Kimmy Gibbler Started in January of '05 and rocked hard Until there last show in December of 2009.



  • Kimmy Gibbler Started life as a 7 piece ska band based out of Fargo-Moorhead. All practices were held at MSUM. The original members include: Gavin, John, Mark, Kyle, Thomas, Mikey B, Ben, Clayson. About two practices into it Kyle was forced to leave due to health reasons, and a little while later Jeremy was added. The group played their first show at Billiards on Broadway and really sucked it up. John was not part of the first show, due to having just gotten his wisdom teeth removed, and complaining about having a large intolerance to pain. Even though they sucked, the crowd enjoyed each and every wrong note that Mark and Jeremy played on horns, and the ability possessed by Clayson to drop the beat on command.
  • Even with their shortcomings as a band who basically sucked musically, ska was just too much for the FM area not to love. Also, ample exposure was helped by Gavin's and John's deep-seeded roots in the so called "scene" that they were involved and played most our shows in. To some, it was a pleasant bit of happiness from all the emo and screamo band that KG played with.
  • Fast forward to the Summer, KG was on a short Hiatus due to everyone living in different cities, but they did get together for a few shows, most notably was the Summer Scene in Bismarck. Oh and also this was around the time that the band recorded and released their first EP. (We're Not Your Mother's Ska Band). Since Gavin was not able to make it to the show, Kyle, newly back aboard with the band, sang lead and rocked the house. Playing with a very altered line-up was nothing new to KG due to there massive number of members. It was always hard for everyone to make it, and great strides were taken to play each and every show offered to them...even if it was only with half of the band. Back to the Summer Scene, one of the best early shows played by KG(or at least largest and most energetic crowd), it was why most of the band fell in love with Bismarck shows.(Also more than half were originally from The fair city) And come Fall the Full band was back in Full effect. However, the fact that Jeremy lived in Grand Forks(UND) and Mark in Minneapolis(for an internship)somewhat hindered the band's ability to practice, but none the less, through many trips and tanks of gas the band was able to rock like no other.
  • After the Fall and into Winter, members started to drop like flies. Ben quit the band due to his lack of time between school and his newly engaged fiance and was missed by all. Then Mikey B moved to Florida to pursue real estate, and make/spend more money than most of the band could comprehend. Also missed he was. Gavin then took over on guitar while still singing lead. Also during this time the band was working hard at recording their second Ep, 7 Tracks were recorded but only 4 went on the actual EP which wasn't released until summer 2006.
  • Shortly after the band shot their first music video, Clayson parted from the band, while he was loved by most and liked by all, he had this superb ability to show up late or not show up at all for practices and sometimes shows. Due to this, it was found best that we split ways. Now KG was looking for a new drummer, and in from the clutch Thomas talks to Peter(not sure of last name). Peter was a freshman at MSUM and a spectacular drummer, almost too good for the band. But sadly after playing some really kick-butt shows he left due to only being a temporary replacement. About the same time Kyle once again left the band, this time do to controllable circumstances. He left on good terms and is/was missed for his song-writing ability, and showmanship skills. He however went on to bigger roles and sang for Gentleman's Ghost.
  • I just remembered something, in or about January of 2006 (actually October), about when Ben left the band (waaaay before Ben left the band), they added Ron. Ron (is)was a rocking trumpet player from NDSU and also a native Bismarckian. Mark called him one day to see if he would like to come practice with KG after rumors of him wanting to play and being really sexy surfaced. Which was funny because he was apparently somehwat afraid of Mark due to an experience at a RBF concert in the fall of 2003. Mark also promised Ron that he could cuddle with John, which was the deciding factor for Ron joining the band.
  • Now picking up where we didn't leave off. The band continued to perform with Mike Goodwin as the drummer. Mike is a great drummer who studied music ed at NDSU. Also Mike Jensen replaced Mike Tomas as the Bass player.... yada yada yada, Kimmy Gibbler recorded a full length album with Artwork done by Josh Thomas at some point (maybe 2007??) played a whole crap load of shows for really awesome people. However Kimmy Gibbler played their "final show" in December 2007 it was actually 2 shows in one night i believe... ending with the NDSU Dance Marathon, and of course "Walking on Sunshine". There was one problem with this however no one was walking on sunshine after that final show....
  • With Mark in North Carolina and the rest of the band working hard at growing up, school, etc Life was dull, everyone in the band was miserable and empty. However on one Sunny day in the beginning of April 2009, the 4th I believe Mark and Jeremy were on an adventure, (this coming after Mark had just left his girl friend in Charlotte and was driving back with his best friend and former band mate Jeremy to the promised land of Fargo), on this fateful day Mark and Jeremy were stopping at a hotel in who know where and realized that A: driving 24 hours is a great time to write sweet songs, and B: that KG needs to be back in full effect! And so it happened, Mark sent out a mass text to all the former mates saying "we're getting the band back together" and immediately everyone's life got better!
  • Now on the way back Jeremy and Mark(mostly Jeremy with random thoughts and crazy outbursts from Mark about girls, life, and how Jeremy is awesome) wrote lyrics to 3 very awesome new songs. Immediately after they got back the band was practicing again, working on new songs and working to set up new shows.
  • The new shows were sweet, because apparently while not playing with Kimmy Gibbler Ron amassed an incredibly large group of friends - basically half of the student population at NDSU. The first show back was in Ron's Fraternity's basement and over 250 people were there singing along to the new songs! It was stellar and KG was BACK!
  • Now with all the new shows that Ron would pull out of thin air, the crew with their new fire recorded a 4 song EP in the Attic of a Justin Morken's house. This power packed EP included 3 new songs and one previously unreleased/rerecorded song. Now this EP wsa an instant hit with fan's at shows and on FB. The energy and excitement continued on throghout the summer and fall.
  • Alas the excitement started to fade, the band members started to get busy with growing up, Ron moved to DC to pursue his career in policy. Mike Goodwin made plans to move to Arizona with his GF, Johnny D started listening only to his GF(a girl few liked but all tolerated because of how awesome Johnny Is/was), Gavin pursued his life long dream of becoming an accountant, Mike Jensen thought about finishing school, Jeremy finally met a girl who wasn't a bitch(and is super awesome), and Mark met a girl and was offered a job in DC so they moved there together.
  • Once again KG played it's "final show" and once again it was for the NDSU dance Marathon, and once again it all closed with "walking on sunshine" the band was all sad to see it end and all so very sad that they were no longer walking on sunshine..... However they have all secretly kept the fire of KG in their hearts and hope that one day they will be back.... with the fire renewed and the love to play ska exploding out of their faces!
  • Thanks for reading! and feel free to add anything you may know or have experienced with KG!