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Formed in May 2006 by drummer Ryan Maack, bassist John Utter, vocalist Tony Haugen, and guitarist Matt Breitbach, Kill the Sky is an American heavy metal band. In June of 2007, They decided to create a fuller sound by adding a second guitarist, Matt Soholt after he got back from basic training. K.T.S. is the realization of many years of hard musical work by its members. The influence to do something that was heavier and full of more of the metal influences that each member listen to on a daily basis was something they always wanted to do. Recording it's first demo record in February of 2007 at Gray Barn studios outside of Detroit Lakes Minnesota in one day, the six song EP was handed out to fans and radio stations alike gaining them the beginnings of the notoriety that their nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic would later gain them.

This group Kill the Sky is not a single member and crew, but rather a hard-as-nails metallic maelstrom whose drive to keep playing can be attributed to a combination of integrity, hard work and even harder riffs. Mixing influences of pure American heavy metal, southern metal, and metalcore with minimal samples, growling vocals, technical guitar riffs, and double-bass drumming, the music of Kill the Sky delivers a uniquely sinister sound while their live performances deliver a hard-partying good time that all who come to their shows can't deny or help but to participate in! All elements from vocals to instruments make an uncompromising tirade on all that is wrong in this life! We deliver a resounding f*** you to your parents, your boss, your ex, and everything else that pisses you off! Kill the Sky is leaving it's stamp on the underground music scene in the midwest, and will continue to do so until the end!

Playing all across the tri-state area of North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota, Kill the Sky has played with such bands as Sevendust, Motograter, Green Jello, Silent Civilian, Texas Hippie Coalition, Seasons After, Hemlock, Into Eternity, Bobaflex, Facecage, Blue Felix, Kittie, and most of the harder acts that come through the area. In 2011, look forward to Kill the Sky finishing up the writing process for their first full length album due to record sometime in the early winter! Kill the Sky can't wait to make new friends, and to see you all out at the next show!