Kill the Sky

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Formed in 2007 and still going... Kill the Sky is the realization of many years of hard musical work by its members. "The influence to do something that was heavier, industrial and full of more of our metal influences that we listen to on a daily basis. This group Kill the Sky is not a single member and crew – rather it is a hard-as-nails, hard working metallic maelstrom that pounds out some of the most vicious music heard on the metal landscape today.

This is a balancing act of contorted melody lines, jagged guitars and staccato double bass drumming. The music of our group delivers a uniquely sinister sound. All elements from vocals to instruments make and uncompromising tirade on all that is wrong in former members, the world and all that is right in metal, we deliver a resounding f*** you to the world at large. See you all at our next wild show!