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AKA: Moleman, Mole-Z



  • Working in social services in the Duluth area. Oddly enough, he and Ryan Anderson's wife, Dawn work for the same company. (Actually, I used to work with Dawn. I don't think either of us work for that company any more.) I still am a professional do-gooder, specializing in helping folks who have been slapped with the Mental Illness label. I still write, draw pictures, and I'm in the current line up of a cities based band called Idee Fixe. In my free time i like to wander around aimlessly in the woods.


I always hated lead singers, So the fact that I actually became one has been a little confusing. I was a reluctant participant in Hammerhead. First I agreed to help Paul write lyrics, and eventually agreed to sing on recordings. I don't know how it happened but one evening I ended up making a spectacle of myself on the seventh st entry stage. I admit I did have the rock star fantasy for awhile and that one night of rock and roll lived up to my expectations. Even though I made several attempts to run away into the Mpls. night. The Hammerhead guys knew I would try to make my escape so they hung out by all the doors and blocked my exits. I'm glad they did because that night was a lot fun but alas I worked out each and every one of my rock star Demons that night. Hammerhead went on to be what I told them they always were- a power trio. As much as I enjoyed that night on the stage, over the years I witnessed much better shows from the crowd.

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